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Custom Projects

Our specialty is designing and fabricating unique and innovative products. Pictured below are just a small sample of what we have created recently. The possibilities are endless so if you are ready to start your project, contact us today.

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Fabricated Welcome Sign Welcome Thomas Farms
Fabricated Lightsaber Holder Lightsaber Holder
Fabricated Metal Rack Metal Rack
Fabricated Boat Ski Hook Boat Ski Hook
Fabricated Family Gate Family Gate
Fabricated Nascar Bus Girls Nascar Bus Girls
Fabricated Lake Name Sign Burt Lake
Fabricated Budweiser Sign Budweiser Sign
Fabricated Basement Bar Basement Bar
Fabricated Basement Bar Basement Bar #2
Custom Beer Stix© for Mom Custom Beer Stix©
Custom Shelf Hooks Custom Shelf Hooks
Skull Mirror Skull Mirror
Window Valances Window Valances
Horse Stall Name Horse Stall Name
Wine Rack Custom Wine Rack

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